Dungeon walls, props and more for catacomb, prisons and general dungeon locations

Obviously my main inspiration is Diablo and Diablo 2, but I want to do some things I liked in Baldur’s Gate, Temple of Elemental Evil and Arcanum (even some Torment).

I have been playing between pre-rendered and full 3d for a while trying to figure out what to do and I have decided I am going full 3d, with an almost isometric perspective, because the amount of new tech (shaders mostly) I would need to make to achieve the result I wanted was too much – especially since I am both programming and making the art for this (and the writing and some of the voices).

A few months ago experiments in dungeon generation were successful, so I’m going to have random and custom dungeons and a dungeon builder in the game that will be easily shareable by the community.

Anyway now that I have a more defined set of requirements for art I am moving ahead with building props and level tiles, rigging my characters and making demo environments to test it all in.

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