Getting closer to being ready for vertical slice

Here is a small video:

working GUI (not all) XP and levels, enemies losing HP and displaying it on a bar, particle effects, hit point display, portals, NPC trigger audio and text, crates have loot and you can pick it up etc

Well basically I’m still at the very very beginning of production. I’m still working on a bunch of ideas for the script (locations, dungeons, monsters, dialog), but I’m also getting closer to getting enough things ready to start making a vertical slice.

vertical slice:

vertical slice is a portion of a game which acts as a proof of concept 

So I’m closer to actually starting the work on an actual chunk of the project. Gamedev in your spare time is a slow endeavor, I know.

Anyway I have decided I will be focusing more on the Greek mythology part of things, though I’m not going to be entirely accurate on how the tales unfolded and I’m moving more towards a story line that allows me to make my heroes count. (for obvious reasons).


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