Trees and stuff

What do we see here:
I wanted to see how large transparent objects with shadows would be handled, since I want areas with trees. Wilderness areas will contribute to giving the player areas to explore, grind and level up before entering dungeons so I want to be able to make a number of them and they should be able to look good with minimal effort. This is the first step towards this.

These trees exist as card perpendicular to the ground, their shadow is part of the card, yet as the character passes behind them the shadow affects him. The same happens with the practice dummy.

You can also see the ‘Quest log’ interface mokup I have going on, using the new Unity GU. This has actually been in from the start, I just turned it off when recording and I have made the buttons actually do stuff now.

What will look into next:
Changing areas, completing tasks and picking up items.

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